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Travel to Botswana
Travel to Botswana
Travel to Botswana

Best Botswana Travel Tips

Let me take you today to one of the unique African countries, Botswana. Do which place is known as the best safari destination in Africa? Yes, you heard it right. It is none other than Botswana. This is a country having only two Million populations, but a world-famous tourist destination. Here you can find the largest wildlife parks famous for Safari and other activities. Let us learn in details what made Botswana so popular among the tourists?

How to travel to Botswana?

If you are on for your Africa travel, you have to keep the name of Botswana on top of your travel calendar. Sir SERETSE KHAMA in Gaborone is Botswana’s airport well connected with all the flights flying from Johannesburg in South Africa. An alternative way to reach Botswana could be by Bus and it takes around six hours from Johannesburg in South Africa to reach here.

Best time to travel to Botswana?

Tourists visit this African country to see and enjoy the wild animals and do the safari. The best time to visit is between May and September. This time the weather remains dry with moderate temperature, making the visit pleasant for all the tourists.

Which are the beautiful places to travel in Botswana?

There is no doubt that travels travel all along to Botswana to see and experience wildlife closely. It’s truly the world’s best Safari destination. The major attractions among the tourists are to explore all the national parks and see the wildlife closely. The top places that you must visit during your Botswana trip are – CHOBE NATIONAL PARK, OKAVANGO DELTA, NXAI PAN NATIONAL PARK, TULI BLOCK, KGALAGADI TRANSFRONTIER PARK, MOKOLODI GAME RESERVE, MOREMI GAME RESERVE, KHAMA RHINO SANCTUARY, and GEMSBOK NATIONAL PARK.

Botswana Travel Packages:

At Botswana, you can plan various Safari Tours as a part of your travel package depending on the number of days you stay. One of my favourite was MOREMI and OKAVANGO DELTA SAFARI TOUR HIGHLIGHTS. In this tour, you have to stay in two safari camps in the Okavango Delta and MOREMI GAME RESERVE. This package is for five days and will give you unlimited excitement and thrill.

Botswana Travel Tips:

Since you would be exploring an extreme wildlife adventure, safety precautions needed to be taken.

  • Don’t travel during the rainy season as there are chances of malaria.
  • While driving through the roads, you may find animals lifting up their heads. This means they want to cross the road. Give them a pass.
  • Never drive at night out of fun and excitement as it may be perilous. Drive according to the speed limits.
Travel to Botswana
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