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Traveling to Mexico Tips- Top Things to See and Do in Mexico

Top Things to See and Do in Mexico

If you are planning to visit North America, you must plan to visit Mexico, one of the top tourist destinations in the world.

A visit to Mexico is going to mesmerize you with its pleasant weather, finest beaches, unique cuisines, Snow Mountains, amazing archaeology including pyramids and museums. Over 35 million tourists visit Mexico every year.

Here are Traveling to Mexico Tips and the top things to see in Mexico during your visit:

• Take a ride on the Copper Canyon Railway

Begin your trip to Mexico with this grand train journey that is definitely going to mesmerize you. The Chihuahua-Pacific Railway, commonly known as El Chepe runs from Los Mochis coving a longer stretch of about 400 miles of spectacular scenic beauty surrounded through the copper canyon. The train runs over at a height of about 6500ft through a well-constructed bridge.

• There are no words available to express the mesmerizing experience that one will after taking this train ride. You can witness large pine trees, long tunnels, deep gorges, and rocky landscape all along this journey.

• Other than enjoying the natural beauty, you can also take part in outdoor activities like hiking, biking, and horse riding. This railway project was one of the biggest engineering work in the history of Mexico that took almost 60 years to complete.

• Visit The Mexico City

On your visit to Mexico, you have to visit Mexico City and explore the city. There are amazing touring attractions starting from museums, galleries filled with interesting sculptures and artworks.

One of my traveling to Mexico tips is to move throughout the city and explore the Templo Mayor which is an Aztec pyramid. We also suggest you to relax at the tequila bars and witness the Mexican Wrestling (Lucha Libra).

In totality, Mexico City has over 1400 historic sites to witness. All the major attractions are within walking distance. Constitution Square, National Palace, and the Metropolitan Cathedral are few of the famous tourist spot to see during your Mexico trip.

• Visit Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta is the Pacific coastal city and one of the most popular beach destinations that you must plan during your Mexico trip. The amazing coastline and mesmerizing beach have attracted a large number of tourists to this place.

Other than enjoying the beach, there are various adventures and exciting water sports activities that tourist love to do and enjoy. Swim with Dolphin, jet-skiing are few among them. These beaches are an amazing place to walk around and enjoy the sun and beauty.

• Visit The Mayan Riviera

This is another area of Mexico’s largest attraction drawing over five million tourists every year. Mayan Riviera has wide beaches that have absolutely crystal clear water. Some splendid beauty that you need to witness with your own eyes. If you love to take part in adventure sports and fun activities, this is an ideal place. Here you can enjoy a swim with a dolphin, stingray swims and snorkelling.

• The largest underwater museum

It is located here for scuba diving giving you the experience of a lifetime. Therefore, this is one among the top to do list areas that you must visit during your Mexico trip.

• If you have planned Mexico for a beach holiday, do visit Playa del Carmen, Los Cabos, Tulum, and Mazatlan. All these beaches have stunning views and natural beauty you are bound to fell in love.

• One of my last traveling to Mexico tips will say:

Don’t leave Mexico until you taste Tequila, Mexico’s number one liquor.

Visit the western state of Jalisco if you want to taste Tequila, something unique originated from Mexico. There are a variety of unique alcoholic beverages available like Margarita, Mezcal, Paloma, Kahlúa, and Michelada. Taste all these unique beverages which actually originated from Mexico before you plan to return back.

Today Mexico ranks in the eighth place among the top ten tourist destination of the world. Tourism is the largest industry of Mexico, and it drives the economy of the country.

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