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Best Brussels Travel Tips

In general, tourists overlook to explore the beautiful city of Brussels, capital of Belgium. There is a misconception among local travellers that Brussels is not that exciting as other places in Europe. But, the truth is something else. During my Europe tour, I stayed and explored Brussels. In fact, this is a colourful city with a large number of attractions including museums, monuments and many famous historic sites. For foodies, this is an ideal place too. Let us get deeper and find out more about Brussels.

How to travel to Brussels?

Brussels Airport is the main airport of Brussels well connected with the whole of the European Union and internationally. Lufthansa is the major carrier airline having their regular services from this airport globally.

However, the best way to travel to Brussels is by the high-speed trains. All trains have excellent connectivity across the city and Europe. You can get these trains from these three major train stations, BRUXELLES-NORD, BRUXELLES-CENTRAL AND BRUXELLES-MIDI. London and Paris are around 2 hours travel in a high-speed train.

What is the best time to travel to Brussels?

You can make a travel plan to Brussels any month except November, December and January. These months temperature remains lowest along with moderate rain. Ideally, you can make a travel plan between March and May and September, October months. This is considered to be the best time for visiting Brussels.

What are the beautiful places to travel to Brussels?

There are many famous places in Brussels that you can see and explore. Make a proper plan and stroll around this great city to enjoy the beauty. The top Brussels attractions which I visited during my Brussels trip are as follows – GRAND PLACE, PEEING BOY, ATOMIUM, MINI-EUROPE, AUTOWORLD, PALAIS DE JUSTICE, OPERA HOUSE, PARKS, BRUSSELS ZOO, ROYAL MUSEUMS OF FINE ARTS, THE MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS MUSEUM. However, don’t leave Brussels unless you taste the Chocolate and Brussels Waffles. Taste them, as I don’t have words to describe how they taste.

Brussels Travel Packages

In general, the best travel package should be a round trip between, Paris – Brussels and Amsterdam to visit Brussels during your Europe trip. Once inside the city, explore this great city and do the city tour, enjoy the history, culture and food. You are definitely going to love all of them.


Brussels Travel Tips:

  • To explore the city, the best way is to move into a Metro. Take a day pass, and you can save some euros.
  • Take walking tours to visit the famous places of interests.
  • Eat Belgian fries. Those are cheap and tasty. Look for a meal of the day dish in any restaurants. You can save a bit on food in case you find one.
Travel to Brussels
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